Department of Malayalam

About Malayalam Department

"The department of Malayalam was established in 1967. From 1967 to 1997 the department was headed by Pof. N.S.Pavithran who was the head of the department from 1994 to1997. After that period the department was headed by Smt. P.A.Bhanumathi (1997-2007) ,Dr. K.N.Unnikrishnan(2007-2009) and Dr.Reshimon P.R(2010 onwards). At present there are three members. Dr.Reshimon P.R. Dr.Poornima C.C. Mrs. Noufiya C.M. Members of the department play an important role in the literary activities of the students. The department monitors the students through continuous assessment by means of test papers, discussions and assignments. The department offers Malayalam as additional language to the first and second year students of the degree level. We follow the syllabus prescribed by the M G University,Kottayam which stresses on Poetry ,short story, attakkatha, drama,novel and essays. "

Department Vision

Literature actually a portrayal of life. Life is happened within a stipulated period of time and that is the sum total of of human beings knowledge and skills. Hence literature is the study of social, cultural and political age

Department Mission

Learning a language means learning a culture. It is a process to identify and understand the cultural significant that man acquired till now. And though this entire society should be progressed. Learning the language and learning the literature are the high level thoughts are enhanced through the process of language learning. Learning the literature gives a vide vista into the world of difference culture.


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