Department of English

About English Department

The Department of English of The Cochin College has been in existence ever since the inception of the college in 1967. The department caters to the development of the English language skills of the students. The department, which has students from across the length and breadth of the state, became a full fledged department when the MA degree programme in English was started in 2013 in tandem with the already ongoing B.A English Language and Literature Programme. There are twelve members in the department, two members with PhD, 6 members with M.Phil. and three members pursuing Research. The English Department acknowledges that it must provide training in a variety of cognitive skills including analysing, synthesising, speaking, listening, reading, evaluating, and appreciating language for itself. The English Department acknowledges that the primary means to achieve intellectual development in these fields is through the teaching of specific writing skills and the critical reading of a wide variety of texts, both print and non-print. In teaching texts, the department strives to incorporate theoretical understanding, employing many different approaches to the study of text. Using models based on New Critical, Structural, Post-structural, and Reader Response assumptions, the department attempts to foster an intellectual engagement which enriches the students’ understanding of text and which takes them from private discourse into public discourse which occurs about literature. To help the students develop critical thinking in all subjects and foster a positive attitude towards professional development, further study and lifelong learning has always been the target of the department. The Department also endeavours to give opportunities to the students to adapt and apply their knowledge and skills in real and practical working place.

Department Vision

Our endeavour is to build a reputation of excellence so that the best young minds would gravitate towards us.To be the locus for creative and responsible professionals and researchers. To raise the linguistic competency of our students in English and to contribute to their confidence levels in communication

Department Mission

The Department of English aims to create an environment where students are introduced and later immersed into the spectrum and processes of literary studies. An interdisciplinary approach is adopted as evinced by courses on gender studies, environmental studies, postcolonial studies, film studies and women's studies. The department is committed to preparing students for professional, graduate and research studies and to lay the ground work whereby they can productively pursue careers from a wide palette of options form education, research, journalism, publishing, creative and content writing.

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